When to start personal training?

If you have ever felt that:

  • You are not in the best shape you could be in
  • Life has gotten in the way and you have neglected your own health
  • Your clothes don’t fit the way you want them too
  • You are hesitant to take your clothes off
  • You are starting to feel “your age”
  • You have more body fat than you would like
  • You are less toned and defined than you would like to be
  • You don’t enjoy special occasions because any little slip up will set you back even further
  • You work on your fitness but nothing seems to change

If you can answer yes to any or all of the above then you are who we help.
Through a personal approach we take into account all of the variables that make you YOU and ensure that we are constantly taking 5 steps forward so that when the 2 steps back that life always throws in our direction come, we can enjoy them and still be in the best shape of our lives.

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What Clients Say

Phil helped me reach a goal in 3 months that I didn’t believe I could ever achieve. I’ve been training at the gym my whole life but could never nail the diet component and felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall.
Phil holds you accountable and gets you where you want to be. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to anyone who wants serious results.

Madeline Broadway

After years and years of busting my arse at the gym and seeing no results I started training with Phil. I saw results immediately. In total I have lost 15 kg and I am now stronger than ever. I never thought I could look the way I do. Not only has he taught me what I need to be doing in the gym to achieve results, he has also taught me about nutrition through simple to follow diet plans and his support. Thanks Phil

L.M. Buzz

Highly recommend Phil Harding! If you want results and you are prepared to put in the hard yards Phil Harding is your man!!! Learnt and changed so much since training with Phil!

Jesse Hillard

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Whether you are looking to get fitter, leaner or stronger, Philosophy Fitness is for you. We provide our members with a platform to be the best version of themselves.

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