Body transformations such as:

  • wedding prep
  • summer shred
  • getting photoshoot ready
  • vacation ready
  • bodysculpting/bodybuilding
  • competition prep

Regardless of the reason for your transformation, our body transformations all follow a similar formula. They are all individually tailored to you, your goals, your lifestyle and your desired outcome. By having daily contact we don’t rely on hope or guesswork to ensure that you are achieving the incremental results needed to achieve your specific and time based result. By constantly checking outcomes we are able to correctly manipulate variables such as dietary inputs and macronutrient selection, exercise choice and intensity and thereof macronutrient expenditure and the need for adaptation of targeted skeletal muscles, NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) is monitored and we change all of these variables according to the body composition that is desired. We then match all of this together while checking on other factors such as work/life balance and mood to ensure we head in the right direction and our goals are achievable. By adapting our process constantly and when needed, we ensure the best possible chance of success.

Please note that what we require here is not hard it is just consistent and we program around a full 24hour day and not just 1 workout. The progress we make during these transformations is usually not sustainable but it doesn’t have to be when most people will achieve their dream bodies over an 8-12 week period before switching to a maintenance phase of training.