If regular one on one personal training is what you are after then you represent the bulk of our clientele. While we make these session fun and sociable they also focus on you and what has been going on in your life. These sessions really emphasise the “personal” in personal training. If you have had a busy period at work or in your personal life we do our best to adapt the sessions using the the wide choice of techniques used in our transformations to best match where you are at and hopefully make your sessions both enjoyable and beneficial regardless of what is going on outside of the gym. The end result is hopefully that fitness will become such a regular part of your life and your identity that when you are 40 you will look and feel like you are 30, 50… you will feel 40 and so on. By focusing on you and what makes you tick we are able to set out a path and motivate you in the most efficient way. While we are a results driven business and don’t accept failure, more pain does not mean more gain and the days of the drill sergeant personal trainer image are no longer relevant. Yelling is reserved for those with a substandard set of skill.