Having prepared many brides and grooms for their weddings, we are very experienced in programming around the stresses and deadlines that come with preparation for a wedding. Usually we will do a periodised protocal that allows for the dieting and training aspects to ease up during the stressful planning stages so that you can enjoy your special day as you should all while looking the way you have always wanted. We also take into consideration dress fittings and pre wedding events so that we have planned to have you looking perfect on the day while also allowing you to enjoy all of the moments that come with being married. When you spend thousands of dollars on how you look and the photographs that will be taken and shown to your future generations you should not neglect the most important part in the equation, YOU! How you look and feel on the day will be much better than the icing on the cake. We use similar techniques to our other body transformation but as there are particular milestone and goals we use careful planning to enhance the outcome of your special day. Training to fit into that wedding dress has never been easier.