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L.M case study

L.M. came to me after joining a 10 week challenge run by Australian Sports Nutrition. Doing only 1x resistance based session with me per week and following her prescribed exercise and nutrition advice she was able to lose the kgs and get into amazing shape within only 10 weeks.

S.W. case study

S.W. came to me after her sister had achieved considerable results and she wanted to follow in her footsteps. This transformation was able to be achieved over one whole year in which an indulgent holiday to the united states and two hospital visits due to unrelated illness. She was still able to achieve amazing results and lose weight and also live an active social life.

Renata case study

Being one of the first people Renata spoke english to after migrating to Australia, Philosophy Fitness has been there from her first fitness model competition and her first Australian title to her graduation from personal training school, her 2nd Australian title as a figure competitor, the building of her own personal training business and we were even there at her wedding in Florence Italy and her Australian citizenship ceremony in Sydney Town Hall. Philosophy Fitness isn’t just about building muscle and losing fat. We are about the people behind it and who they are. Philosophy Fitness is a family.

Dasha case study

Like many of our clients over the years Dasha's case is one of the best representations of what is often the most important element of the whole process. What the client brings to us. Philosophy Fitness would never be able to exist or be as successful as we have been if it wasn't for the clients and what they bring to us. Dasha is a great example of this. Dasha came to Philosophy fitness suffering from an eating disorder and being new to Australia but it wasn't these problems that defined her it was what she did about it. In over a decade of training clinets Dasha has undoubtedly put the most effort in of any of them to learn about health and fitness. The results being that she is now a successful personal trainer in her own right. She is a 2x bikini champion and entered and won her last competition with only 6 days of preparation. Dasha still maintains an active social life, dinners out and an alcoholic beverage here and there but she always maintains her health and looks great all year round. Dasha shows us all that you can have your abs and eat cake too so long as you are prepared to listen, educate yourself and work hard.

Gill case study

In a 1st for Philosophy Fitness i am very proud of my longest client and first client to train with me through her pregnancy. Although following a limited and modified regime of training due to the physical demands of carrying a child, Gill trained up until the friday before giving birth to baby Evelyn the following tuesday. I am glad Gill was my first pregnancy client as her knowledge as a Doctor gave me insights and definitely helped in my education throught this process as it was a first for both of us. At times her training was modified on a day to day basis as the challenges of pregnancy required but overall she was sensible and continuous right until 4 days before giving birth.

Her level of maintained fitness was definitely a factor in what turned out to be a comparatively quick and trouble free labour and she has been able to return to a pre pregnancy body weight and an adapted training program that will soon return to a pre pregnancy level of intensity 1 month after giving birth.

Making a baby is a physically demanding process and maintaining a sensible level of health and fitness is a very valuable asset through every stage of life and especially when creating a new one.

Here gill can be seen on her wedding day with daughter Evelyn watching on as Mum and Dad get married

Well done Gill and Evelyn.

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