“I’ve met Phil few years ago having an eating disorder not doing any training and not having any knowledge about fitness industry but has always been passion about it.
Our very first 430am cardio before his work gave him some reassurance that I’m serious about getting into business.
He has encouraged me to go to fitness school knowing that if something goes wrong he will be able to help me . Since then everyday 430am cardio talking about training asking questions and having the most committed coach you could ask for . He helped me to get over anorexia, get more knowledge that I could ever get myself about training, he coached me to do a bikini competition twice, where both time I took gold.
Now having my successful pt business , coach, training partner, best friend, life adviser.
Very hard to say he is a good trainer. He is one of the kind who goes above and beyond. If you prove him you are a good value, he will do everything to make your life better.
My first bikini competition was hard as for everyone else, he was tough meanwhile I knew I always have some one talk or he can come to do a cardio on satire master for an hour to make me feel that I’m not alone. I don’t know if you could find any coach who would leave a boys night out early do drive you to do a make up. If I went back in time I’d try to find him earlier to have make such an amazing team.”


I have been a trainer and worked in the fitness industry in France, New Zealand and Australia and when I met Phil, I knew that he knew how to get the best of me. From the start, he was invested and encouraging, making sure I stick to the plan to teach my goals. He is definitely the most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with and I really wouldn’t be able to reach my goals without his precious help. He has been incredibly supportive and brought me to the best shape of my life, placing each time I competed for my bikini comps. He could read me and understands how to drive me throughout each session together. I would work again with Phil easily or recommend him highly to anyone who wish to achieve their fitness goal. On top of that, he became a strong friend.


Phil is undoubtedly the best personal trainer I have ever had. While I was living in New York, I spent a significant amount of money on PTs and got zero results. I’ve had the exact opposite experience with Phil.

When I initially met with Phil, he asked me questions and actively listened to my goals and challenges. Shortly after, he put together a customized plan to help me achieve these goals. I was skeptical at first, given my previous experience with trainers. However, after spending close to a year with him, I can confidently say I achieved my goal of losing 10 kgs. I am very proud of these results and the way Phil has helped transform my body. I was never confident in a bikini before moving to Sydney, and during the summer I was proudly laying out on Bondi beach.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Phil. After every training session I have with him, I always walk away feeling energized and positive about myself.

Not only does Phil care about my physical fitness, but he also cares about me as a person. Phil has made a significant impact on my life here in Sydney, and I am excited to continue working with him in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is committed to improving their health.

Julie Flodr